Solid dosage Form Department

Pharmaceutical oral solid dosage forms (OSD) have been used widely for decades mainly due to their convenient of administration and their suitability for delivery of drugs for systemic. The most used pharmaceutical solid dosages forms include granules, tablets and capsules. The capacity of the tablet production line about 3milion blister per year, the production line of the (OSD) starting from the preparation steps which consist of main principle (wet granulation / dry granulation / sieving / milling and mixing…etc.) automatic conveying system used to transfer the material to the press machines, the tablets then transfer to the auto coater machine and then to the packaging lines which consist of 2 lines (blister and counter). The second production line is hard gelatin capsule filler, where the empty capsules are filled with powder or pellet and then transfer the capsule to the packaging line.

Semi-Solid dosage Form Department

Semi-solid products have been manufactured for many years for distribution as pharmaceutical drug products, Our production line comply with the cGMP regulations, the capacity of the production line is more than 12 million tube per year, the products types (cream, ointment and gel) preparation in a full automated station including (mixing /heating/homogenizing /transferring ..etc. ). After preparation is completed, the products transfer to the packaging lines and then to the finish product warehouse for marketing. 

Oral Solution Department

Oral liquids are homogeneous liquid preparations, usually consisting of a solution, an emulsion, or a suspension, of one or more active ingredients in a suitable liquid base. The production in our factory consists of fully automated preparation station and capable of (mixing / heating / homogenizing /transfer / storage…etc.) after preparation, the liquid transfer to the filling and packaging line, the capacity of the line is more than 10 million bottle per year.